Update – Federal Court decision on personal/carer’s leave

In September we advised that the Federal Court had handed down a landmark decision dealing with the method of accruing and taking paid personal/carer’s leave. This decision revised the interpretation of the amount of leave that employees are entitled to. Under the new interpretation, personal/carer’s leave accrual increases for some part time employees. For example, [...]

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New ACNC tools available for charities

The ACNC has developed some new resources to assist charities in ensuring good governance and compliance. 1. The Governance Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help charities manage risk across four key areas: financial abuse; working with partners; safeguarding and cyber security. 2. The small charities library is a valuable collection of factsheets, policy templates, checklists, induction and welcome packs. It includes guidance on [...]

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Landmark Federal Court decision on personal/carer’s leave to impact employers and their payroll systems

On 21 August, the Federal Court of Australia handed down a landmark decision that deals with the method of accruing and taking paid personal/carer’s leave, for the purposes of the National Employment Standards (NES) under the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act). This follows a series of recent legal disputes between employers and unions relating [...]

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Is Super payable on annual leave loading?

The ATO has recently clarified its position on whether superannuation is payable on annual leave loading. Annual leave loading is an additional payment of 17.5% (usually), provided to an employee on top of their base rate of pay, during periods of annual leave. It is mandated in some Awards, including the social and community SCHADS. [...]

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Looking for a new workspace? Purpose has room!

Purpose has recently become the sole occupier of our previously shared office space at 583 Elizabeth St Redfern! We're social people and we now find ourselves with more room than we need. The team is keen to share our space with like minded souls, so if you are a small organisation considering a new workspace this might be for [...]

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Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a new way of reporting tax and super information to the ATO. This change means that organisations using a solution that offers STP reporting, such as payroll or accounting software, will send employees' tax and super information to the ATO in real time (i.e. each time they run payroll). The [...]

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Welcome to Ning

We are pleased to welcome Ning Gong, the newest member of our steadily growing Purpose team. Ning started with us in April and has coped very well taking on a portfolio of clients from day one! Ning is a CPA qualified Accountant, with over 10 years’ experience in the non-profit sector. Prior to joining Purpose, [...]

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Seeing the forest through the trees

In March we took a brief break from our busy daily workload to focus on our strategic goals and service priorities. Thanks to our clients who managed around our limited availability during this time. The team spent two days at Sutton Forest, in the Southern Highlands. It was a valuable experience, where we planned priorities [...]

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Case study – transforming business with Receipt Bank

In 2018 we worked closely with the Settlement, a charity providing a range of social and health initiatives for children and young people, indigenous social programs and affordable housing. Together we transformed their financial processes through the rollout of Receipt Bank technology. What is Receipt Bank? Receipt Bank automates many of the traditional paper-based bookkeeping processes. [...]

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Do you need a fundraising licence?

Though it’s not an issue that falls under our direct remit, we find that the question sometimes arises for our clients – do we need a fundraising licence? The regulations governing this are different in each State. For example, in NSW charities must have authority to fundraise, unless they are specifically exempt (there are a [...]

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